Here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, home of Pebble HQ, one of the favourite school days for many students is the day Maximus comes to visit. Maximus is a Roman Centurion who comes in full Roman regalia from the local Roman fort, Segedunum, to teach students about Roman life and times. He’s incredibly engaging and brings history to life in a way that truly engages students, encourages learning and fosters curiosity in a way everyday lessons just can’t.

Many schools don’t realise that there are loads of these types of educational offerings out there that specialise in different areas of the curriculum such as Science, Drama, History and Art who can provide enriching, engaging activities that get pupils really excited.

Here are a few reasons why hiring outside teaching services is a great idea:

Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Professionals who choose to start up businesses to teach students their craft are usually really passionate about their subject matter and that enthusiasm is very contagious. It encourages learners to be drawn in and become active participants in the workshops, letting students develop practical, hands-on skills they can take away and apply later.

Teachers Have to Be Jacks-of-all-trades, So Hire a Master

A lot of schools do not have the expertise, confidence or resources to teach really specific subject areas, for example: Renewable Energy, Forensics and Nanotechnology. STEM is a major hot topic right now in education, especially in light of multiple reports that suggest that graduates in these subjects are vital for the UK’s future prosperity but are in short supply. STEM is actually quite extensive and covers a large number of applied areas under the main umbrella subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It is virtually impossible for a school’s Science department to be able to cover every possible topic with expert-level knowledge. Hiring a service who can tailor lessons to match the curriculum or a specific focus ensures every students’ learning needs are met, no matter their specificity.

There’s Funding Available

If you want to increase the educational offerings at your school, there are people and organisations who will want to help you do this. Firstly, if you’re going above and beyond your academic provision, parents are likely to help get specialised workshops delivered in your school. You could also consider offering the service as an afterschool club, charging for membership, ensuring the project at least pays for itself or even produces an additional income for the school. Finally, especially when it comes to increasing STEM offerings, there is a lot of grant funding available. Step back and look at the big picture of what you’re trying to achieve for your students and then write it up as a project narrative you can use to apply for multiple grants.

Here are some examples of outside teaching services offering workshops in schools:

  • GreenShift, here in the North East, offer brilliant STEM workshops for schools and can also provide workshops that train your teachers.
  • Creation Theatre in Oxford put together dynamic workshops on theatre.
  • And, of course, there’s Maximus the Centurion from Segedunum here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We provided advice on grants and competitions for STEM projects on our recent blog post Celebrate the STEM Subjects for National Women in Engineering Day and you can get more resources by signing up to a Funding Passport and getting access to help writing your project narrative, software to reach out to your students’ parents and the UK’s largest school grants database. For more information, give us a ring on 0845 310 1788*.

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