Take contactless and card payments

Carrying cash is fast becoming a habit of the past. Using Till at your points of sale ensures your school is prepared to take card and contactless payments.

Join the cashless revolution

The way we all make payments is changing, and it’s up to your school to keep up. That means joining the cashless revolution.

As fewer people carry cash, it’s essential for schools to have a point of sale system like Till that enables contactless and card payments.

Never be left without payment

Remove the obstacles that stop payments being made by allowing parents to choose a payment method that suits them.

By facilitating card and contactless payments, Till gives your school the ability to cater for the preference of your parents, making for a more positive interaction.

How Pebble can help

Specialising in school income management, we design and develop cloud-based software engineered to improve the way schools, trusts, higher education, and local authorities manage their money.

Through Till, we provide schools with a next generation point of sale system.

The tools you need to manage your school income end to end

We’ve created a set of tools that empowers you to manage your financial transactions linked to staff, parents, and pupils from point of sale through to end-of-year reporting.

Ready to get started? Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Take the first step on your journey to having a seamlessly integrated finance and payment management system.

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