“Pebble’s Fund Manager is a very user-friendly system. I have taken advantage of all upgrades and new features and have never been disappointed. The ability to access Pebble from anywhere using ‘the cloud’ is fantastic. Pebble is what I use when I feel the need to have achieved something in the course of a frantic day.”
— Sheila Cooper, School Business Manager
“I have found Fund Manager to be an easy and friendly program to use. The support staff are always willing and able to help and nothing is ever too much bother for them. Having recently had the accounts audited, our accountant praised the programme for its detailed and accurate information which was obtained in ten minutes and at the press of a button. I would fully recommend any school to work with Pebble.”
— Fiona Adams, School Business Manager
“As a busy School Business Manager, the support and guidance I have received from the staff at Pebble have been exceptional. A team of dedicated professionals who are always willing to advise, support and guide you through various difficult situations, with the needs and success of the school at the top of their agenda. The training available on Income Generation is a necessity for all schools to allow them to tap into streams of funding with the continued pressures on School Finances. The School Fund Manager system is really helpful, simple to use and covers all aspects of our financial reporting for our Private School Fund. Keep up the good work and a big thank you to Pebble.”
— Phil Brockman, School Business Manager
Diane and myself would like to say a massive thanks to Pebble without whom we would never have completed our end of year close down.

There have been numerous times when we have been at the end our tether. The support team have willingly stepped into the void, and sorted out all our problems. He has been extremely professional, efficient, co-operative and cheerful throughout the whole process, like a dog with a bone, not letting go till it was finished. Nothing has been too much trouble for them - and they have also added an element of humour which helps.
— Teresa Zaris, Finance Manager
Whenever I call they are always very helpful and friendly. Any issue is also always resolved first time and usually including the fantastic remote support facility that we would never do without. I would highly recommend this software.
— Shelley Pointon, Financial Administrator
Not to put too fine a point on it, if it wasn’t for the team I would have given up my Finances job long ago.

Their patience and willingness to get me through the early days were incredible and this is a good opportunity for me to take the time to thank them. Apart from the support, Fund Manager software is straightforward to use and the online help is excellent. All in all I consider myself a satisfied customer.
— Beryl Grime, School Business Manager