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What's new 10 April 2017?
Service Level Commitment Fund Manager Service Level Commitment
Support Fair Use Policy Support Fair Use Policy
Get Started Welcome To Fund Manager FAQs How can I add interest and charges made by my bank?
  Fund Manager Starter Pack   How can I correct the value of a cashed cheque?
      How can I let a parent see what’s left to pay towards a trip in Joinos?
User Guides Configuring Browsers   How can I record Joinos Charges?
  Consolidating Names   How can I see information from a previous closed year?
  Fund Manager User Guide   How can I see my account balances?
  Gift Aid Reporting   How can I see what transactions are owed at period end
  Importing ParentMail Transactions   How can I see which pupil records have changed in Fund Manager?
  Importing ParentPay transactions manually   How can I see who has or hasn’t paid?
  Importing ParentPay transactions automatically using the Integration tab   How can I transfer a negative balance from one user account to another?
  Exporting Receipts from Fund Manager to ParentPay automatically   How do I add a new account or cost centre?
  Importing Schoolcomms Transactions   How do I add a new name to transact against?
  Importing Schoolmoney Transactions   How do I amend or cancel a paying in slip?
  Joinos User Guide   How do I cancel a receipt or payment?
  Managing Accounts   How do I cancel items from a previous year?
  Managing Names   How do I change my fund manager school / academy name?
  MISapp Installation Instructions   How do I change to a new bank?
  MISapp Preparation Instructions   How do I close down my period end?
  Period End Close-down   How do I configure my browser to enable me to print?
  Register App - Update Instructions   How do I create a desktop icon?
  Universal Infant Free School Meals   How do I create Joinos offers?
  Using sQuid with Fund Manager   How do I deal with a duplicated cheque?
  VAT Option   How do I deal with unpresented cheques?
      How do I draw a cheque for cash?
General Fund Manager Glossary   How do I close down my period end?
  Pebble In-App Support   How do I mark my leavers as out of use?
      How do I merge two names in Fund Manager?
Troubleshooting I can't see my reports when I select print   How do I pay my receipts to the bank?
  I can't see my unreconciled items   How do I reconcile a bank statement?
  I can't select a different bank account to reconcile   How do I reconcile all my banks for period end?
  I can't update staff members   How do I record the Universal Infant Free School Meals being taken?
  I have duplicated transactions in Fund Manager   How do I record unpresented debits and credits processed in a previous version?
      How do I remove a saved password from a browser?
Downloads MISapp Dowload   How do I reprint a paying in slip?
      How do I reprint a receipt or payment?
Guidance for Local Authorities How do I process an Oracle transaction from City of Edinburgh?   How do I re-register Joinos students?
      How do I reset my password?
      How do I resolve a bounced cheque?
      How do I reverse uncashed cheques?
      How do I split a receipt or payment across more than one account or name?
      How do I transfer between user accounts or user names?
      How do I unreconcile a bank statement?
      How do I update my student names in Fund Manager?
      How do I use SMS Messaging?
      How do I use the Register tab?
      How do I refund a Joinos parent who has paid through Nochex?
      How can I uninstall Pebble MISapp?