Training Workshops

Held across the UK, our Income Generation training workshops are designed for primaries, secondaries and academies.

An Introduction to Income Generation & Grant Writing

This exciting full day workshop is the starting point for those undertaking their Income Generation transformation. We start the day by exploring the impact of a strong vision and the importance that goals have on successful fundraising. Attendees compare different income streams that your organisation can exploit and we use case studies to give real-life examples and inspiration. The second half of the day focuses on the art of school grant writing. We coach you through developing a project narrative for items you need. A project narrative can save you and others lots of time when completing grant applications to raise funds for your school projects.

An Introduction to Income Generation & Grant Writing Workbook
Marketing Your School & Maximising Donations Workbook

Marketing Your School & Maximising Donations

Your school projects need to be both a financial and social success. You will need to harness your stakeholders to maximise your Income Generation results. This informative full day session will teach you how to identify and segment your stakeholders into those making time and financial contributions. Once completed you will have the confidence to effectively market your Income Generation activities using marketing tools like social media. Voluntary donations to your school can be uplifted by 25% when you claim Gift Aid. You will be taught which voluntary donations are eligible for Gift Aid, how to administrate those donations and how to use our Gift Aid declaration templates for all past, present and future donations to secure your extra 25% of income. You can also find out about registering as a Charitable Trust.

Capitalising On Your Services and Lettings

Schools and academies hold a wealth of skills, resources and facilities which can very successfully be hired out to other businesses, organisations or individuals on a win-win basis. In this full day session we will work through real-life examples from other schools, showing how best to present and price your service and letting offerings to those who will happily buy them from you. Learners will be taught how to manage service offerings and persuasively negotiate contracts with customers. Our templates cover the vital areas of terms and conditions of use, returns and damage policies and straightforward booking procedures. We will also identify how to use expert but simple marketing techniques to generate awareness of your service offerings and to generate important leads and enquiries.

Capitalising On Your Services and Lettings Workbook
Running Financially Successful Clubs & Events Workbook

Running Financially Successful Clubs & Events

This full day session is rich in best practice for financial planning and continuous improvement of your current and future clubs and events. With the public and Government demanding more from childcare providers, we investigate how this can financially benefit your school by offering this provision. Learn how to plan and take advantage of this opportunity. Content includes: why school wrap-around care is essential and how to construct a business case for your clubs using appropriate data.

The afternoon session focuses on using events to make your school the centre of your community. You will learn how to research what your community values are, understand the importance of team dynamics, how to motivate individuals and encourage constructive feedback. Once you have completed your event we will show you how to evaluate and review your event effectively by looking at event components, results and stakeholder feedback.