Improving education business and finance operations through innovation

For more than 28 years, we’ve experienced first-hand the challenges schools must contend with to proficiently manage their finances. Using software and innovation, we’re removing those obstacles.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the country’s foremost provider of thought-leading advice, easy-to-use tools, and affordable point of sale solutions that give schools the freedom to be more creative and enterprising.

Committed to building something better

Like many school professionals, we grew frustrated with the expensive, overcomplicated platforms delivered by complacent companies who lacked the incentive to address the evolving needs of their users.

Driven by that need, we set out to build a platform that has best practice at its core.

Staying true to our values

Our values are an important part of the Pebble story. They make us who we are, and govern everything we do.

A team of experts standing by to offer support

Passionate about education and experts in their field, the Pebble team is, above all else, here for you. We are proud to assist users at any stage of their journey using the method they find most comfortable; be that via email or phone.

Ryan Green


A natural innovator, Ryan is a recognised and respected authority in the field of school business, fundraising and marketing. During his career, he has worked with the Department for Education, the Association of School and College Leaders, the Institute for School Business Leadership, the National Association of Head Teachers, and hundreds of schools.

Wendy Haswell

Operations manager

Toby Rogers

Product Manager

Dan Wakenshaw

Product Technician

Becky Watson

Product Specialist

Janice Wright

Customer Advisor

Marie Summers

Health & Safety Officer

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Ready to get started?

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