Tali Notifications

Communicate with parents more effectively thanks to Tali’s integration with the GOV.UK Notify service. Streamline the process of reaching your community via email, text message, and letter.

An easy, cost effective way to communicate

Wishing your school had a more cost effective way of sending urgent communications via text, letter, and email? The GOV.UK Notify service delivers that, and we’ve partnered with them to integrate it with Tali.

Keep everyone in the loop

Tali’s integration with GOV.UK Notify means that your contacts sync securely, so when new parents are added to Tali they’re automatically included in your mailing lists. That way nobody misses out on:

○ Alerts

○ Announcements

○ General communications

○ Payment reminders

○ Any other important news updates

All the communication you need

Share urgent announcements via text.
Send postal communication at the touch of a button.
Email term calendars to parents.

However your school communicates, Tali’s integration with GOV.UK Notify can make it a faster, more streamlined process.

Included with Tali licence

We think the GOV.UK Notify service is a great tool for schools, but it’s even more valuable once it’s integrated with Tali. There’s no charge to use the integration, just a small fee for your training session and you’re good to go!

Smart communications with Tali

We want schools to succeed, whether that’s in managing their finances or handling communications. That’s why we’re helping schools access the GOV.UK Notify service through Tali, so you can provide the best results for your school and community.

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