Trac is designed to make your life easier by reducing your workload, keeping your data current and correct, and creating a synergised network of financial management tools.


Trac is the driving force behind integrations between some of the most effective financial management systems. By building synchronised networks, we’re changing the way schools manage their finances.

Here are a few of the excellent tools we’ve integrated with to make it possible.


Trac is a versatile piece of software with the power to connect the favoured finance systems in many business sectors.

Integrations from just 30p per name on roll

Names on roll
- +
Integrations Price No. Of Integrations
Online Payment Systems £0.30 - +
Point of Sale Systems £0.30 - +
Management Information System £0.30 - +
Kitchen Management Systems £0.50 - +
Finance & Budgeting Systems £0.50 - +
Names on roll
- +
Total integration cost

Trac and Tali work together automatically. If you’d like to extend your integrations, please select from the list above. If you’d like to purchase Trac on its own please contact us directly.

Ready to get started? Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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