Produce audit-ready reports

With Tali, you’ll no longer face a stressful rush to prepare for an audit as every report it generates is produced with compliance in mind.

Prepare for audits fast

Auditors demand schools to follow a specific set of requirements when it comes to their financial reports.

As Tali produces every report in line with the required format, you avoid the time-consuming task of converting all your existing documents when an audit is on the horizon.

Work with the experts

For more than 25 years, the Pebble team has been working closely with schools to generate and manage their income.

During that time, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what auditors require. In Tali, we’ve harnessed that knowledge to ensure every report it generates is compliant.

How Pebble can help

Specialising in school income and finances, we design and develop cloud-based software engineered to improve the way schools, trusts, higher education, and local authorities manage their money.

In Tali, we’ve created a tool that makes preparing reports for audits simple for any education provider.

The tools you need to manage your school income end to end

We’ve created a set of tools that empowers you to manage your financial transactions linked to staff, parents, and pupils from point of sale through to end-of-year reporting.

Ready to get started? Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Take the first step on your journey to having a seamlessly integrated finance and payment management system.

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